sports massage Southampton
MBody Sports Massage
25 Queen's Terrace
Hampshire SO14 3BQ
sports massage Southampton
sports massage Southampton

MBody Sports Massage Southampton

Welcome to MBody Sports Massage Southampton - your local clinic-based professional sport massage therapist based in Southampton city centre.

The "M" in MBody represents and embodies many aspects of your health and wellness that we can help you with! This includes; muscles, musculoskeletal system, myofascia release, movement and mobility, mindset and mental health, maintenance and of course massage!

Muscles - we use these literally 24/7 and often we don't even have to think about them until we experience pain or discomfort from injury or as long-term postural problems arise. We have to take the time to invest in our muscles and our wider musculoskeletal system.

Myofascia - treatment of the myofascial system of connective tissue is something relatively new. Previously it was thought of as pretty "uneventful" tissue in the human body and its importance was not appreciated, but now we know how important it is to work on the myofascia and the impact it has on the muscles and organs when we don't stretch or release the fascia. We also have movement and mobility, something that is intrinsically connected to the myofascia as it can limit our range of movement and compromise our mobility if not treated correctly.

Mind (mindset) - this our biggest asset but often our worst enemy, it works with us or against us, it never stops and we don't even have to think about it, the brain and our minds take care of it all. Our therapies can help you calm you mind and balance how you feel.

Mental Health - is another aspect that we can help you with, whether it's a good old sports massage or indeed the other massages and therapies that we offer can help you. When you receive a massage, one of the biggest gifts of the massage is that quietening of the mind, all that internal dialogue put to one side and that alone is so powerful.

Finally, and perhaps the most important m is Maintenance, we have this incredible ability to totally take ourselves for granted, put everything else before ourselves and when our health or wellness is "hanging by the skin of it's teeth" we then are forced to act upon it!

Here at MBody - YOU matter (there's another "m" word!)

By putting our physical and mental health first we are ensuring that all the pieces that make us who we are, are taken care of, our physical body at its best and optimal health leads to a healthier mind, which controls the quality of our thoughts, our actions and behaviours and ultimately lead to a peace of mind which isn't unattainable! It is there for us to embrace and putting ourselves first and investing in ourselves is the first step to achieve that.

Every aspect of your wellness matters and working with a holistic approach and providing you with the best possible service is our top priority.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you.
Jorge Vence, founder of MBody

"Jorge was really professional and knows exactly what he is talking about. He used various different cupping techniques and got me to do a few different exercises at the same time. I would 100% recommend him"
[Hayley (personal trainer), Southampton]
"I have now had several treatments with Jorge. His treatments are very professional and effective. He definitely knows his stuff. Highly recommend him to anyone."
[Xavier (doctor), Southampton]

About MBody Sports Massage Southampton

Jorge trained in Sports Massage Therapy with The Sports Massage Academy (and Active IQ qualification which is an OfQual Regulated education provider - qualification accreditation number 601/4930/9). Jorge is also a member of the STA Sports Therapy Association and the Guild of Holistic Therapies - both bodies promote high standards and professional practice.

Jorge's interest in Sports Massage grew when he fully understood the benefits of it for the entire body, from aiding the digestive system right to mental health.

Over the years Jorge has studied and learned some of the most effective therapies and techniques for his personal use as well as for using on clients, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), NLP Sports Practitioner, Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, etc., and one of the key issues all of these techniques treat is the stress held in the body from the busy lives we lead in today's society, we've the tendency to postpone things, take things for granted and act when our bodies can't take it anymore and we are then forced to stop and pay attention to the feedback from our bodies.

Jorge has taken a particular interest in that mind-body connection and how the quality of our lives (and posture!) can be improved by taking better care of our bodies, and this can then lead to clarity of mind, better thoughts and mindset, more energy, more flexibility and an awakened joy in our lives, simply by prioritising ourselves, thinking long term we have the ability to take control back in our lives.


  • 30 mins: £40
  • 1 hr: £60*
  • 1 hr 30 mins: £80*

  • *For initial consultation a 1 hr or 1 hr 30 mins session is recommended.

    "Jorge provided me with a professional service and I would highly recommend him. Before we started he went through a full and thorough consultation, explaining in detail issues relating to my posture and how the massage would help address these. He then took his time to explain how he was going to proceed, and communicated well throughout the massage which put me at ease. I felt a lot better after a few days. "
    [Tom, Southampton]

    MBody Sports Massage
    25 Queen's Terrace
    Hampshire SO14 3BQ
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